Tim Burke

Hi there!

My name is Tim, and I'm a software engineer, cloud architect, site reliability engineer, sometimes UX practitioner, real estate investor, and dog owner. I've worked for two world-class universities and three startups, done consulting work for half a dozen companies, and grown operational maturity and SRE practices at one of the most respected news organizations in the world. If you would like my resume, you can visit my LinkedIn, or click here.

Some career highlights

Staff Software Engineer, Consumer Experience Data Platform
Staff Software Engineer, Platform Engineering
The New York Times
Senior Software Engineer, Delivery Engineering
Miner & Kasch Data Science (acquired by Atos zData)
Senior Platform Architect
Cornell University's Office of the Vice Provost for Research
Senior Software Engineer
Kit Check
Front-end Engineer
Ringtail Design
User Experience Developer
The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Associate Software Engineer
Intern Software Engineer

An article I wrote

My doggos Cassius and Lily

The goodest doggos Cassius and Lily